As of January, 2017, the Glen Ridge Ambulance Squad's total membership stands at over 100.  Here's how to join GRVAS.

The Glen Ridge Volunteer Ambulance Squad is an entirely volunteer organization. Our members provide pre-hospital emergency medical care and transport for the town of Glen Ridge and our neighboring communittees. This service is provided 24 hours a day, 7days a week. 

Our members have been trained according to national and state criteria in emergency vehicle operation (CEVO), CPR, First Responder and EMT certifications. 

The GRVAS is a remarkable mix of volunteers from our immediate community. Our members include attorneys, real estate brokers, teachers, construction tradesmen, high school and college students, and retired folks. All members dedicate the time and the energy that best fits their family and professional obligations. The common thread throughout the group though, is an interest in helping the community and gaining the skill set. 

The squad is administered by elected officers and overseen by a board of trusteesThe day to day operation of the squad is run by the Captain. Other officer positions include motor officer for ambulance upkeep, day and night time coordinators, personal equipment and supply officers. 

 When an individual becomes a member of the squad, the GRVAS takes responsibility for providing the uniform, equipment and all the training required to be a active responder. Although most our members are state or nationally certified EMTs, a large number of the staff have volunteered their time as drivers and are satisfied to have had the CPR training and emergency vehicle CEVO training. 

 The Glen Ridge Volunteer Ambulance Squad is a microcosm of the Glen Ridge community. whether you're a member of the women's club, or Kwanis, take the train to work or work locally, you are likely to be doing that with someone on the "squad."

GRVAS Officers, 2019-2020


Co-Captains Iryna Lomaga Carey 
Chairman, Board of Trustees Terry Sullivan
Treasurer Elena Hughes
Administrative Officer Anne Sutton
Supply Officer Graham Deubner / Julia Ludwig
Safety Officer Stephanie Herr
Personal Equipment Officer Jospeh McHale
CPR Officer Julie Anzevino
Training Officer Mary Ellen Barone / Mackenzie Carey / Sara Kwakkelaar
Motor Officer Henry Bozko / Bill Mann
Daytime Coordinator Fiona Latifi / Estee Wu
Nighttime Coordinator Olivia Shaw
Weekend Coordinator  
On-Boarding Anne Sutton HS / Mari O'Neill Adults

Members of the GRVAS



Aidan Anello

Mackenzie Carey

Nelson Gomez

Isabel Lecesse

Antonio Pavan

Sohini Sarkar

C.J. Anello

Sydney Carey

Nicole Guittari

Jenna Leung

Iryna Lomaga Carey

Massimo Pavan

Leah Stievater

Terry Sullivan

Guy Anello

Nathan Cooper

Bob Hayes

Julia Ludwig

George Peterson

Anne Sutton

Julie Anzevino

William Cotrone

Stephanie Herr

Victoria Ludwig

Haleigh Pine

Steve Sutton

Ed Barnes

Erica Debelak

Elena Hughes

Bill Mann

Grace Pizzini

Eric Weston

Mary Ellen Barone

Graham Deubner

Kristen Kemp

Kyle Mann

Avery Poster

Fred Wong

Meredith Barrentine

James Dik

Lev Kolinski

Joseph McHale

Joseph Potenzone

Andrew Woroch

Jeanne Bennet

John Dobbs

Lizzy Komorowski

Robert Mead

Charlie Potters

Estee Wu

Eliza Berner

Emily Duffus

Imran Khawaja

Alex Meyer

Kevin Richardson

Meg Wyckoff

Jason Bhulai

Theresa Durana

Priya Krawiec

Chris Nehrbauer

Michele Rollo

Julie Zichelli

Marc Borgenicht

Sandra Gilligan

Sarah Kwakkelaar

Niav O’Connor

David Shapiro


Henry Boszko

Emmanuel Go

Fiona Latifi

Suzanne O’Connor

Olivia Shaw


GRVAS Board of Trustees

Chair Terry Sullivan
Trustee Art Dawson
Trustee Ken Carberry
Trustee Mary Ellen Barone
Trustee Mark Cohen
Trustee Isabel Leccesse
Trustee Chris Nehrbuer